Desiccator – Mini Desiccator Cabinet (Smoke-transparent), SANPLATEC

Mini Desiccator : Smoke type (Non-Auto desiccator)

Mini Desiccator Cabinet (Smoke-transparent), SANPLATEC

Smoke-transparent type prevents alteration and discoloring of stored articles.

Performance and the like are the same as the Sanplatec Mini Desiccator Cabinet.

Stack and handle as you please.

Perfect for storing cameras or precision instrument components in a laboratory or testing room.Fits in lockers or on shelves; wide variety of uses as work bench or testing bench.

Silica gel is on each type of Sanplatec Mini Desiccator Cabinet.

Compact and lightweight, very useful for carrying box for semiconductor and electronic components and in-house transporting.

Mini Desiccator Cabinet MD-1S
Mini Desiccator Cabinet MD-1S


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