Water Bath GFL 1003 Incubation/Inactivation Bath

The Water Bath is successfully used for incubations and inactivations of cultures, as well as e. g. for warming bacteriological media, processing chemical reactions or thawing frozen samples.

Water Bath GFL 1003 Incubation/Inactivation Bath cocok digunakan untuk proses inkubasi dan inaktivasi sell, misalnya untuk menghangatkan media bakteriologis, memproses reaksi kimia dan mencairkan sampel beku.

Water Bath pada dasarnya adalah suatu bak/wadah yang berfungsi untuk menjaga kestabilan suatu bahan atau sample cair pada satu suhu tertentu agar menjadikan suatu bahan lebih akomodatif yang dapat diimplementasikan untuk proses inkubasi dan analisis mikrobiologi.


Water Bath GFL 1003 : Fitur

1. Microprocessor-controlled temperature regulation.
2. Excellent temperature constancy: ± 0.1 °C temporal at 50 °C.
3. Digital temperature readout and setting via LED display, in steps of 0.1 °C.
4. Soft-touch keys with characteristic symbols.
5. Electronic monitoring; in case of fault, cause is reported on display.
6. Two independently working over-temperature protections.
7. Heating element, bath interior, cover, lid and perforated tray made of stainless steel.
8. Thermal insulating and double-walled arched lid prevents twisting and dropping back of condensed water into the test tubes.
9. Lid and perforated tray included as standard scope of supply.
10. Corrosion proof exterior housing made of electrolytically galvanised sheet steel, powder-coated.
11. Drain cock at the back of the bath.


Water Bath GFL 1003 : Spesifikasi

Temperature range
approx. 5 °C above ambient temperature to +99.9 °C
Temperature range 
(operation with water level regulator)
approx. 3 °C above tap water temperatur to +99.9 °C
approx. 14 l
Interior dimensions 
(W x D x working height)
400 x 245 x 145 mm
Exterior dimensions 
(W x D x H)
500 x 440 x 255 mm
Electrical connection
230 V / 50…60 Hz / 1.5 kW *
Net / gross weight
approx. 12.7 / 14.8 kgs
Packing volume
approx. 0.149 m3




Download Katalog ↓

[google-drive-embed url=”https://drive.google.com/uc?id=10OoIQCIoCn3iHadhyrGsmS6WZ3AphCEE&export=download” title=”Water Bath GFL 1002-1008.pdf” icon=”https://drive-thirdparty.googleusercontent.com/16/type/application/pdf” style=”download”]

[google-drive-embed url=”https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1ffFVHxlfblw7mVUmgsBAGxGdqoYr30Hk&export=download” title=”Katalog – Water Bath GFL.pdf” icon=”https://drive-thirdparty.googleusercontent.com/16/type/application/pdf” style=”download”]


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Jual Water Bath GFL 1003 Incubation/Inactivation Bath
Jual Water Bath GFL 1003 Incubation/Inactivation Bath


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