Hanon MDS-6G Smart

MDS-6G (SMART) Closed Microwave Digestion/Extraction System

Hanon Instrument brand

Pusat Alat Laboratorium menawarkan produk Microwave Digester System terbaru dari Hanon MDS-6G Smart, adalah digester microwave praktis praktis berorientasi pasar yang dibuat oleh Sineo dengan pengalaman lebih dari 20 tahun; Ini menyoroti tiga ide utama perusahaan tentang desain produk dan juga memenuhi kebutuhan pengguna dalam “keamanan”, “daya tahan” dan “kenyamanan operasi. 

Hadir dengan Dengan teknologi dan bahan paling mutakhir dari Shanghai Sineo Microwave Chemistry Technology Co., LTD., Serial MASTER ultrahigh throughput workstation pencernaan / ekstraksi microwave diluncurkan pada 2012.


Fitur Hanon MDS-6G Smart

  • The outer vessel of SMART exclusively made by ultrastrength aerospace composite fber is invincible in anti-explosion, and its performance indicators such as corrosion resistance, high temperature/impact/pressure resistance are far better than that of the widely used modifed PEEK engineering plastics vessel (this material is fusible at high temperature, fragile at high pressure and explosive by chemical corrosion).
  • Quantifed vertical blast/safety bolt design, ensures samples be closed completely and triggers a quantifed pressure relief while over pressure
  • The industrial-leading pressure measuring technology by piezoelectric crystal and high-precision Pt sensor temperature measurement and control, through closed-loop control of microwave power by inverter technology, ensures the accuracy of pressure and temperature monitoring and control.
  • The Gold Award in Automatic Frequency Control of Non-pulse Microwave Power on BCEIA represents that the company not only achieves the accurate closed-loop control of the temperature and pressure, but also improves the efciency of microwave transmitter of magnetron, realizing energy saving (37.5 %).
  • The patented design that the whole set of digestion vessels in chamber always continuous rotates in one direction, breaks conventions of <360° back and forth rotation of the digestion unit, avoiding uneven heating on vessels by microwave and reducing impact on turntable motor, extending service life.
  • Sturdy and durable industrial-grade chamber design strengthen its impact resistance


Jual Microwave Digester Hanon MDS-6G Smart
Jual Microwave Digester Hanon MDS-6G Smart


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