Glassware Washer - LAB 680, Steelco

Steelco LAB 680 adalah mesin cuci gelas berkapasitas besar yang khusus dikembangkan untuk laboratorium yang perlu membersihkan barang dalam jumlah besar setiap hari.

Deskripsi Produk

Steelco LAB 680 is a large capacity glassware washer specially developed for laboratories that require to clean big quantities of items on a daily basis.

The washing chamber is equipped with five washing/drying positions allowing the simultaneous use of up to four washing/drying levels and a powerful filtered hot air system. This machine is capable of cleaning bottles up to 100 lt / 26.42 Gal US.


Two washing pumps ensure high water flow rate combined with effective spray pressure.


Steelco-filtered-forced-airThe filtered forced air drying system with adjustable time and temperature setting, helps to ensure a complete drying, inside and outside, of all the glassware.

Spesifikasi Produk

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