Glassware Washer – LAB 640 SL, Steelco

Glassware Washer Steelco LAB 640 SL adalah model pintu geser vertikal, dengan pengeringan udara paksa yang disaring oleh HEPA dan hingga tiga tingkat pencucian / pengeringan pada empat posisi yang tersedia.




Steelco LAB 640 SL laboratory glassware washer is a vertical sliding down door modelwith HEPA-filtered forced air drying and up to three washing/drying levels on four available positions.


The filtered forced air drying system with adjustable time and temperature setting, helps to ensure a complete drying, inside and outside, of all the glassware.

Single pass final rinse: LAB 640 washer can be equipped with a non recirculated final rinse hydraulic circuit option.



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  • Chamber volume 350 lt / 12.36 ft3. Basket volume 280 lt / 9.89 ft3.
  • High visibility, automatic sliding down full glass door.
  • High safety and easy to use Steelcotronic control system with industrial PLC, 5,7” touch screen display.
  • Up to 65 washing programs for laboratory glassware.
  • RS 232 port for printer connection to monitor and validate washing phases.
  • Ergonomic design of the door level height allows to the user a convenient loading/unloading job with the support of a manual loading/unloading trolley.
  • Telescopic bearing rails enable easy and safe loading/unloading of the glassware.



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Glassware Washer – LAB 640 SL, Steelco

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