AT2E SSA-PLC-12 Position

The SSA-PLC-12 Secure Seal Analyzer (12 Positions) is a special instrument developed by AT2E for control of the secure seal performance of caps on preforms.

Pusat Alat Laboratorium menawarkan produk Secure Seal Analyzer terbaik di kelasnya yakni AT2E SSA-PLC-12 Position, Secure Seal Analyzer (12 Posisi) adalah instrumen khusus yang dikembangkan oleh AT2E untuk mengontrol kinerja segel aman dari tutup pada preforms.

Secure Seal Analyzer adalah alat untuk menguji kinerja dan ketahanan seal yang aman pada produk. Mesin ini berjalan secara otomatis dengan penindikan otomatis  serta proses bertekanan rendah sampai bertekanan tinggi. Berbahan kompak stainless steel membuat alat ini tahan terhadap ledakan pada saat pengujian dan memastikan keamanan dan keselamatan terhadap operator.


Fitur AT2E SSA-PLC-12 Position

  • Multi-position design, more convenient and efficient.
  • PLC control ensures the high accuracy and reliability.
  • Stainless steel frame, more safe and duable.
  • Flexible position selection, each position can be controlled separately by system, users can choose to enable the positions (from 1 to 12) according to their needs.
  • Linear pressurizing, able to set up to 4 pressurization steps, and hold the pressure according to the predefined period.
  • Auto pressure compensation during test process
  • Special designed clamping device, enhanced the sealing performance of test.
  • Anti-explosion and clear observation window, safe and easy to observe the sample status during tests.
Jual Secure Seal Analyzer AT2E SSA-PLC-12 Position
Jual Secure Seal Analyzer AT2E SSA-PLC-12 Position


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